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Company Profile

Our Company

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. (LTS) specializes in providing professional consulting, formal leak testing training, and testing services per specifications both at customer sites and in-house.

We offer and contract for the following NDT services:

  • Engineering and Level III consulting services
  • Preparation of testing procedures
  • Training, both at customer sites and at our facilities
  • Testing services, both at customer locations and in-house at our facility
  • Qualifications to ASNT and ANSI
  • Assisting clients in setting up a NDT testing program
  • Customized NDT training programs
  • Vendor surveillance of leak testing methods and auditing to compliances

Markets Served:

Aerospace, nuclear, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices, petrochemical, high energy physics R&D projects, power generation, and semi-conductor processing equipment.

Personnel certifications:

Our leak testing personnel are qualified as Level I, II or III in accordance with ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A certifications. LTS, Inc. qualifications include quality assurance in accordance with ASME’s NQA-1 nuclear quality program. This key program is kept current and passes all government audit protocols. LTS, Inc. has Level III’s certified in leak testing, and all other NDT methods.

Professional and welding engineers are on our LTS staff.

Company History:

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. (LTS, Inc.) was established in 1995 by Gary Elder, P.E. Originally the company specialized in training courses for customers to comply with ASNT guidelines.

Shortly thereafter the company established a field testing division, to leak test customer’s equipment or to perform on-site test surveillance. In addition, in-house testing of customer’s product was implemented. More recently LTS has expanded our training program course offerings, with additional technical content.

Key staff personnel:

Tony Heinz, ASNT NDT Level III, company President

Mr. Heinz has been with LTS, Inc. for over 20 years, and has more than 25 years of experience in Nondestructive Testing. Tony is an active member of the American Glovebox Society, Vice Chairman of the ASNT Leak Testing Committee and is a Reviewer for ASNT NDT Handbook.

Mr. Heinz became company owner and President in January of 2013.

Paul “Brad” Shaw, ASNT NDT Level III, company Vice President

Mr. Shaw has more than 40 years of experience in Nondestructive Testing. Brad has specific experience in Naval Nuclear Power procedures, particle physics research, petrochemical process testing and high vacuum chamber fabrication including leak testing operations manager. 

Mr. Shaw is a patent holder, editor of ASNT Handbook, Vol. 1 Leak Testing, member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Gary Elder, P.E. ASNT NDT Level III. Founder of LTS, Inc. and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Elder has more than 40 years of experience in Nondestructive Testing and Leak Detection. Professional Engineer trainer and certifier of ASNT students in Level I, II, and III disciplines.

Vice Chairman of ASTM E03.07 Leak Testing Committee. Served as Method Committee Chairman of ASNT’s Certification Management Council.

Dave Kuhn, P.E. ASNT NDT Level III, Director of Engineering

Mr. Kuhn is a licensed engineer with 25 years of experience in product design, manufacture, inspection, and field support as a contractor for the US Navy's Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP). The last twelve years have been focused in the quality assurance and inspection areas with specialty in nondestructive testing (NDT).

Steve Hamric, Sr. Technician, Level II, Scheduler and Site Project Manager

Mr. Hamric conducts on-site supervision, training, scheduling of personnel, monitors project status and verifies equipment calibration. Steve provides written inspection results to meet ISO9000, ASME/NQA-1 and customer specifications. He is a certified Level II in Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing, Bubble Testing, Pressure Change Measurement Testing, and Thermal Conductivity Leak Testing. He has over ten years of NDT experience.

Dave Hecksel,  NDT Level III, Senior Project Lead

Mr. Hecksel has over 30 years of nondestructive testing experience in most methods and disciplines as required. In addition to a background in quality control, and quality assurance, Dave also has significant experience in nuclear outages and dry fuel storage.

Dave is currently certified in LT, PT, and VT. Past certifications include CWI, UT, MT, ET and RT. He has also been certified in accordance with ANSI N45.26 standards in electrical, mechanical and civil inspections.

Bill Strait, Technician, Level II Inspector

Mr. Strait conducts leak testing of customer products. Bill is certified to perform Level II helium mass spectrometer leak detection, pressure change measurement, bubble testing, visual and liquid penetrant in accordance with ASNT-TC-1A and CP-189. Previous certifications include magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic shear-wave and radiographic Level II. While in the US Navy Bill was responsible for RSO matters for ionized radiation on board a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Experience with GE Inc. performing PT, UT, and ET on gas turbine generators.

Terry Toole, Sr. Technician, Level III, Non-Destructive Testing

Mr. Toole is ASNT certified as a Level III in leak testing. Previously was a Certified Leak Test Level III for the Bechtel Construction Company.

Terry has thirty four years of experience on DOE sites as a Quality Control and Non-Destructive Evaluation lead technician. Experienced also in testing piping systems, process equipment, glove box isolators and hazardous material holding tanks.