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Welcome To Leak Testing Specialists

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. specializes in providing professional consulting, formal leak testing training, and testing services per specifications both at customer sites and in-house. We offer and contract for the following services:

  • Engineering consulting services, including preparation of testing procedures.

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  • Training, both at customer sites and at our facilities. Certifications to ASNT and ANSI.

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  • Our NDT training programs can be customized to meet customer defined requirements.

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  • Quality Assurance Program

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Company History

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc.was established in 1995 by Gary Elder, P.E. Originally the company specialized in training courses for customers to comply with ASNT NDE standards and certifications. Shortly thereafter the company established a field testing division, to leak test customer’s equipment or to perform on-site test surveillance. In addition, in-house testing of customer’s product was implemented. More recently Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. has expanded our training program course offerings, with additional technical content.

Upcoming Training
Course Title Date  
Leak Testing for Engineers Apr 20 - Apr 23
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Bubble Testing Level I/II May 01 - May 01
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Bubble Testing Level I/II May 08 - May 08
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A - Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing Level I/II May 18 - May 22
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Pressure Change Measurement Testing (PCMT) Level l/II Jun 01 - Jun 05
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Markets Served

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. serves clients from a cross section of industry. Markets served include:

  • Aerospace
  • Biotech
  • Energy Physics R&D Projects
  • Medical Devices
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharma
  • Power Generating
  • Semi-Conductor Processing.
Personnel Certifications
Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. staff consists of two Professional Engineers and one Welding Engineer.  We also have working arrangements with 9 Leak Testing Level III's and an additional 10 Level II's.  All personnel are dedicated to leak testing and to the success of LTS and its clients.  LTS has been supporting industry leak testing for more than 25 years (even before we were incorporated).